East Asia Digital Library

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About the East Asia Digital Library

1. What is the East Asia Digital Library ?

The East Asia Digital Library, EADL, collaboratively developed and serviced by the National Library of Korea and the National Diet Library of Japan, is a portal site that offers East Asia’s valued culture and science resources.

EADL has originals and bibliographic data of materials digitized by each library. It provides simple keyword search, detailed search by title, author, theme, etc. Its interface supports four languages: Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English.

EADL’s bibliographic data is available in a Linked Data format as well. With this Linked Data service, you can use SPARQL Endpoint which allows you to get query-enabled access to the bibliographic data you want (to learn more, please read the information about SPARQL Endpoint).

EADL plans to add more resources and data, and to invite more institutions to join.

2. EADL Services

2-1. Search

You can view the list of all available collections from partnering institutions using Search menu. You can view original texts and images of most of the collections with each institution’s digital collection search service. For resources and materials in a collection, you can view original images through Internal Viewer, and if not in a collection, you can access through each library’s viewer.
With faceted search on the right, you can scan lists by institution, country, language, year and others.

2-2. Collection

In the Collection menu, you can browse digital collections selected by each partnering institution by topic, institution, time and chronicle.