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Website Terms & Conditions

The East Asia Digital Library (the website provided under the domain of eadl.asia, hereafter “the Website”) was developed and is currently operated by the National Library of Korea (hereafter “NLK”) in cooperation with the National Diet Library of Japan (hereafter “NDL”). Users are advised to note the following when using this Website.

1.General provisions

The Website is currently made available on a trial basis, and the content thereof may be modified, removed or become non-transferable without prior notice.

2.Links to the Website

Users may freely create a hyperlink to the Website. If users are to create a hyperlink to any one of the individual pages of the Website, they must clearly state that the page comes from the Website. Users who create a hyperlink to the Website may use the following banner:

2-1 Use of bibliographic data

The bibliographic data provided by the Website may be used on the condition that the user complies with the ‘Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International License (the requirements for use of copyrights stipulated in https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/legalcode, hereafter “CCBY”).’ When using bibliographic data, users must cite the source and verify whether the cited data has been edited/processed, by referring to (1) and (2) below. Information resources that are not protected by copyright may be used without obliging the user to comply with the CCBY. Moreover, if information resources are freely usable without requiring permission from the copyright holder pursuant to the Copyright Act of Korea, the use of such resources is not restricted.

How to cite the source and state that the data has been edited/processed
(1) Users need to cite the source when using bibliographic data, etc.
(How to cite the source)
“Source: East Asia Digital Library (EADL) bibliographic data(http://eadl.asia/home/)”
(2) If the user has edited/processed the bibliographic data for use, he/she must include a statement expressing that the data has been edited/processed, in addition to the abovementioned source citation. It is prohibited to make public or use the edited/processed data in a format that may be misconstrued as having been created by EADL.
(How to state that the bibliographic data has been edited/processed for use)
“Created by editing the bibliographic data of the East Asia Digital Library (EADL) (http://eadl.asia/home/)”

2-2 Use of summaries

■In some cases, summaries for some of the data provided by NDL were authored by third-party experts commissioned by NDL. Although the copyright (right of ownership) is vested in NDL, the authors may reserve the moral rights (the right of attribution, right to integrity, right to reputation) under the Copyright Law of Japan, in which case the name of the author is indicated in the summaries.Users who wish to use the summaries need to inquire with NDL.

Reproduction of content from the NDL website (content featured on the website of NDL) (Japanese) (English)

3.Reproduction of website content

Digital images contained in the content of the Website may be reproduced without special procedures, such as inquiring about such reproduction or obtaining permission for the reproduction, since the copyrights of such images have already expired. Thus, anyone can freely use such data under his/her own responsibility.


The NLK reserves the copyright of the Website unless otherwise stated herein. For inquiries about the use of copyright (including reproduction of any webpage contained in the Website), users should refer to ‘Contacts (Inquiries about East Asia Digital Library)’ on the Contacts page.

5.Privacy policy
5-1. Applicable scope

The Privacy Policy shall apply to the Website, except for third-party websites accessed through hyperlinks or search results on the Website and inquiries about the contact information of each library.

5-2. Acquisition of personal information

NLK, responsible for managing the server for the Website (incl. inquiry format, same hereafter), shall acquire personal information in the following cases:
(1) A Facebook* account is needed for account certification for the MyPage sign-in. If the user allows the use of his/her Facebook account for sign-in, the Website will receive access tokens. The Website uses access tokens to obtain access for the use of the account, but does not save personal information other than user ID.
*‘Facebook’ refers to the social network service on the Internet, run by Facebook Inc.

5-3. Usage information (access log)

NLK, responsible for server management of the Website, obtains usage information (i.e. the access log), such as keywords or data that had been from the Website to identify the operation status and develop user statistics to enhance service level. The access log contains the domain name and IP addresses of those who have accessed the Website, the type of browser used and date/time of access, but does not include personal information. Moreover, the data is not obtained in a format linked to or connected to personal information

5-4. Handling of personal information

The personal information obtained from the Website is managed pursuant to the policies of NLK, which is responsible for server management. Users can refer to the following webpage for more details.

NLK privacy policy (on the NLK website)

6. Browsing environment
6-1.Browsing environment

The Website affirms its browsing environment as follows:


Browser : Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 38, Google Chrome 29

PDF software:Adobe Reader 11

6-2. Cookie

Certain parts of the Website use cookies to analyze website speed and enhance convenience. Cookies refer to the information transmitted to the user’s browser from the server used to run the Website, which are stored on the computer without a directly adverse impact thereupon. It is possible to disable cookies by changing the browser settings, but this may disable some of the services on the webpage.

6-3. JavaScript

The Website uses JavaScript. If JavaScript is disabled by the browser used, some of the content may not be rendered properly or function properly. Users are advised to enable JavaScript in their browser settings.

7. Indemnity

The Website works to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the information posted therein, but NLK and NDL are not accountable whatsoever for any act committed by the user on account of using the Website. Also, the two institutions do not guarantee the accuracy, legitimacy, security, etc. of the sites linked to by the Website or information posted therein.

Furthermore, users are kindly asked to understand that the institutions are not responsible for any damage incurred to the user for the following reasons:

The Website may change or delete its content/URL, or suspend services without prior notice.

The Website may modify its Terms and Conditions without prior notice. In this case, the new Terms and Conditions will apply

Digitalized data contained within EADL, among content featured on the Website, was digitalized verbatim. It may contain language which may, by today’s standards, be considered inappropriate, but users are kindly asked to understand and note that the data is historic data indicative of the era it was created in


Users may refer to “Contacts” for any questions they may have about this Website. They can also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions

Inquiries about the East Asia Digital Library

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)