East Asia Digital Library

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Frequently Asked Questions - Help - East Asia Digital Library

1. What is the East Asia Digital Library?

The East Asia Digital Library, EADL is a portal site that offers East Asia’s cultural and academic digital resources. This is an accomplishment of a partnership between the National Library of Korea and the National Diet Library of Japan, officially launched in November 2020.

2. What digital resources does EADL have?

EADL has two types of digital resources.One is bibliographic data of digitized old books provided by participating institutions. You can explore scanned images of originals through each library’s search service.The Other is thematic digital collections selected by each participating institution. You can view scanned images of originals through EADL Digital Collection menu.
To learn more, please read the information below.

About the East Asia Digital Library

3. Are new materials coming in?

We will make an effort to provide users wider access to Asia’s intellectual cultural legacy and academic resources. We will bring in more collections and bibliographic data and invite more institutions.

4. What functions can I use?

Please read the information below.

User Guide

5. On which environment can I use EADL?

EADL works in any standard browser. For more information, please read the below.

Site Policy

6. Can I use images from EADL’s Digital Collection?

The digital collection materials on this site were digitized by each participating institution. Please contact the institution providing the digital material, if you have any questions about the use of the original images. For more questions, please read the information below.

Terms and Conditions

7. Can I use API on EADL?

Linked Data is available for your access to bibliographic data. The Linked Data service offers SPARQL Endpoint to get query-enabled access to the bibliographic data you want.
To learn more, please read the information below.

SPARQL Endpoint

8. What is Linked Data? What’s the function of it?

Linked Data is a method to generate structured dataset. It generates interlinks among data, enabling use and sharing by anyone as they see fit as a single database in the web environment. On this site, you can use linked data to mark metadata on a web browser or download machine-readable data.

SPARQL endpoint

9. Does EADL collect personal information? How to treat collected personal information?

EADL collects the minimum amount of personal information, and the personal information is treated in an appropriate manner with full consideration of privacy protection. To learn more, please read the information below.

Terms and Conditions