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Government Policy on Women


Revised Prohibition on Gache

Title : 加髢申禁事目

Creator : 正祖 撰, 정조

Publisher : [發行處不明]

Issued : 1788

URI : eadl:DM-NLKKOL000031059

King’s Document on Bestowment of Jeongbuin Title to Ms. Han, Oh, Gil’s Wife

Title : 敎旨

Creator : 현종

Publisher : 顯宗 發給

Issued : 1661

URI : eadl:DM-NLKKOL000036312

Government Policy on Women

Government Policy on Women(en) , 여성에 대한 국가 정책(ko)
After Joseon’s foundation, reformers were eager to build social customs different from those of Gyreyo. Underpinned by Neo-Confucianism, they believed social customs as a driver toward a healthy society. Based on this recognition, they pushed forward with three fundamentals to human relationship─loyalty(忠), filial piety(孝), and Serving the husband(烈)─to help them take deep roots in the Joseon society, and reform people’s daily lives─rituals to ancestors, funeral, inheritance, marriage─by benchmarking Confucianism. Policies on women were established in the meantime(en)

조선 개국 뒤에 개혁가들은 고려 사회와 다른 풍속을 만들기 위해 부심했다. 신유학을 기치로 내건 개혁가들은 풍속이야말로 건강한 사회를 이루는 에너지라 여겼다. 그래서 충(忠)·효(孝)·열(烈) 삼강의 확립에 눈을 돌렸으며, 유학을 모범으로 삼아 제사, 장례, 상속, 혼례 등 일상생활 방식을 바꾸고자 했다. 이 과정에서 여성을 대상으로 한 정책들을 마련해나갔다.(ko)