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Politics of Royal Family



Title : 昭武原從功臣錄券

Creator : 昭武功臣都監 編

Publisher : [刊寫者未詳]

Issued : 1628

URI : eadl:DM-NLK000000620


Title : 華城城役儀軌

Publisher : [發行處不明]

URI : eadl:DM-NLK000019537


Title : 度支定例

Creator : 朴文秀...等受命

Publisher : [刊寫者未詳]

Issued : 1749

URI : eadl:DM-NLK000020272


Title : 御寶十二功臣會盟錄

Creator : 兪泓(朝鮮) 等奉命編

Publisher : [刊寫者未詳]

Issued : 1594

URI : eadl:DM-NLK000023962


Title : 加髢申禁事目

Creator : 正祖 撰

Publisher : [發行處不明]

Issued : 1788

URI : eadl:DM-NLK000031059

Eoje daehun

Title : 御製大訓

Creator : 英祖(朝鮮) 撰

Publisher : [刊寫者未詳]

Issued : 1741

URI : eadl:DM-NLKKOL000021865

Politics of Royal Family

Politics of Royal Family(en) , 王室の政治(ja) , 왕실의 정치(ko)
In the premodern time, mostly, the King and the country were never two separated notions. The existence of King was absolute, and therefore, King’s corruption meant the country’s collapse. Joseon’s kings were also considered to be the absolute being; however, their governing had always been through the legal (法) process. Any practices not defined in the law referred to the past records. In many countries, the King was the same to the country and therefore their finances were commonly mixed. However, Joseon separated these two, and required the royal family’s expenses to follow the procedure accordingly. They also recorded many projects done by the royal family, so that the projects are not counted as the king’s individual project but the government’s that benefits everyone.(en)


전통시대 왕과 국가는 분리되지 않았다. 국왕의 존재는 절대적인 것이었고 그만큼 타락하기 쉬웠다. 조선의 국왕 역시 절대자였지만 그의 통치는 임의로 이루어지지 않았고, 반드시 법(法)이라는 형식을 통해 행해 졌다. 법에 규정되어 있지 않은 행위는 이전의 기록을 참고했다. 왕이 국가와 동일시되었던 까닭에 왕실의 재정과 국가의 재정이 혼용되기 쉬웠지만 조선은 둘을 구분지었으며 왕실의 재정조차도 절차와 목적을 규정해 집행했다. 또한 왕실의 여러 사업을 기록으로 남겨 왕의 개인 사업이 아닌 모두에게 도움이 되는 국가의 사업이 되도록 했다.(ko)