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Herbal medicine and natural history


Suizoku Shashin : Tai no Bu

Title : 水族寫真 : 鯛部 巻之1上,巻之1下,説

Creator : 奥倉辰行 編

Publisher : 水生堂

Issued : 1857, 1855

URI : eadl:DM-NDL000007298868

Senchufu Vol. 3

Title : 千蟲譜 3巻

Creator : 栗本丹洲 著

Publisher : 服部雪齋 [写]

Issued : 1800

URI : eadl:DM-NDL000007300259

Zou no Zu

Title : 象之図

Publisher : 写

URI : eadl:DM-NDL000007300588

Honzou Koumoku Keimou Vol. 48

Title : 本草綱目啓蒙 48巻

Creator : 蘭山小野先生 口授, 小野職孝士徳 録

Publisher : 須原屋善五郎 [ほか2名]

Issued : 1805

URI : eadl:DM-NDL000007316713


Title : 本草図譜 巻5-96

Creator : 岩崎常正

Publisher : 写

URI : eadl:DM-NDL000007316773

Mokuhachifu (Deciphering and Index Volume), 15 volumes

Title : 目八譜 15巻

Creator : [武蔵石寿] [著], [服部雪斎] [ほか画]

Issued : 1800

URI : eadl:DM-NDL000007325417

Yamato Honzou

Title : 大和本草 16巻附録2巻諸品図2巻

Creator : 貝原篤信

Publisher : 永田調兵衛

Issued : 1709

URI : eadl:DM-NDL000007326102

Compendium of Materia Medica, 52 volumes with 2 illustrations

Title : 本草綱目 52卷圖2卷

Creator : Illustration compiled by Li Jianzhong (Ming dynasty), (明) 李時珍 撰, (明) 李建元 圖, (明) 李建中 輯圖, Compiled by Li Shizhen (Ming dynasty)

Publisher : 胡承龍

Issued : 1590

URI : eadl:DM-NDL000007557874

Honzou Koumoku Vol. 53 Hinko Myakugaku Vol. 1 Kike

Title : Honzou Koumoku Vol. 53 Hinko Myakugaku Vol. 1 Kike

Creator : Ming li Shi Zhen Zhuan

Publisher : Nodayajimigimamorumonkan

Issued : 1637

URI : eadl:DM-NDL000007557904

Pictures of Imported Birds

Title : 來禽圖彙

Creator : [北尾政美] [画], [關盈文] [編], [Compiled by] [關盈文]

Publisher : [羣玉堂松本善兵衛]

Issued : 1790

URI : eadl:DM-NDL024325185

Herbal medicine and natural history

Herbal medicine and natural history(en) , 本草学と博物誌(ja)
The biggest advance in Japan’s herbal medicine (Chinese herbology, study of materia medica used in Chinese medicine) was made in the Edo period, age of long-lasted peace and flourishing academic progress. 『Compendium of Materia Medica』, authored by Li Shizhen during the Ming dynasty and introduced to Japan in the early Edo period won its place as the essential academic text, and had been continuously published. Study of local productions also advanced, which led to the publication of nature history texts in a wide range of areas from traditional materia medica to animals, plants, and minerals.(en)