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Old printed books



Title : 節用集

Publisher : [林宗二]

URI : eadl:DM-NDL000007275867


Title : 聚分韻略 5巻

Creator : 虎関師錬

Publisher : 薩摩和泉荘

Issued : 1481

URI : eadl:DM-NDL000007296281

The Variorum Edition of Confucious Analects, v. 3-5, v. 7-10

Title : 論語集解卷3-5,7-10

Creator : 魏何晏撰

Publisher : 正平刊室町末印

URI : eadl:DM-NDL000007526761


Title : Inkyou

Publisher : Unknown

Issued : 1564

URI : eadl:DM-NDL000007537730

Shinpen Meihou Ruishou Isho Taizen

Title : Shinpen Meihou Ruishou Isho Taizen

Creator : Ming Xiong Zong Li Zhuan

Publisher : Asainosouzuikan

Issued : 1528

URI : eadl:DM-NDL000007552995

Zoushou Hossuu Vol. 1

Title : Zoushou Hossuu Vol. 1

Creator : Yuan Shi Ke Sui Zhuan

Publisher : Ouchi Moriharu

Issued : 1410

URI : eadl:DM-NDL000007613702

Bukka Engo Zenzi Hekiganroku Vol.10

Title : Bukka Engo Zenzi Hekiganroku Vol.10

Creator : Song Shi Zhong Xian Song Gu, Song Shi Ke Qin Ping Chang

Publisher : Zuiryuzenderakan

URI : eadl:DM-NDL000007616218

Shinkan Gohyakka Chu Onben Tou Ryu Sensei Bunshu Vol. 45

Title : Shinkan Gohyakka Chu Onben Tou Ryu Sensei Bunshu Vol. 45

Creator : Song Wei Zhong Ju Ji, Tang Liu Zong Yuan Chuan

Publisher : Rinsenterakan

URI : eadl:DM-NDL000007681940

Muchu Mondoushu Vol. 3

Title : 夢中問荅集 3巻

Creator : 古山大居士 問, 夢窓國師 答

Issued : 1400

URI : eadl:DM-NDL000009393372

Old printed books

Old printed books(en) , 古刊本(ja)
Printed books published until the end of the Muromachi period are called ‘early printed books’. Well-known examples are Gozanban, which had been published throughout the Warring States period and the Muromachi period. Publications by figures at Zen temples, most notably the Gozan (five mountains) in Kyoto and Kamakura are categorically called ‘Gozanban (five-mountain edition)’. Most contain Zen monk’s maxims and poetries, mostly characterized by stitched bookbinding and print layout influenced by print reproduction and style from Song dynasty, Yuan dynasty, and Josun. This implies strong influence from Chinese books and Chinese printing technologies. Also notably, book printing culture had spread to non-capital areas in this period that include the Asaino clan based in Sakai, a hub of Japan-Mying trade; the Ōuchi clan based in Suō Province, a flourishing hub of Japan-Josun trade; and the Shimazu clan based in Satsuma. Not only Buddhist texts, but also Confucious scriptures, poetry books, dictionaries, medical science books, and other practical books were published.(en)